Timber Frame Insulation

Foamox is a perfect insulation for timber frame structures and is installed between timber frames or rafters in a structure. With a neat fill and smoothing down of the spray foam, the dry lining can be applied easily to produce a nice clean finish that eliminating moisture, cold and draughts.

The advantage of the spray foam insulation is that it can be filled right up to the face of the timber frame, ensuring the best thermal coating in roofs, attics or walls and helping reduce utility bills.

Timber Frame Insulation Solution

Here at Foamox we supply spray foam solutions that provide the best insultion for your residential or commerical building. Apllied between rafters and timberframed studs, Foamox will keep your house warm through the cold winters and cool through the warm summers.

Ensuring a neat and air tight finish, Foamox insulation is the most convenient and practical way to insulate your building today!

Best Timber Frame Insulation option

Our Foamox Spray Insulation is the best timberframe insulation option that will stand the test of time, not rot, sag or decay. You can be sure when your roof, attic or walls are insulated using Foamox spray foam insulation, you won't have to pay out for a reinsulation or high heating bills again!

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