Noise Reduction Insulation

Due to its cellular structure, Foamox is an excellent choice for noise reduction insulation with very good acoustic properties suitable to reduce noise. When insulating walls and floors in homes, offices and hotels, it is generally a perferred choice to have noise reduction a priority when it comes to insulation. With either our open cell or closed cell solution you can be sure that our Foamox Spray Foam Insulation will provide the best noise reduction barrier as well as heat loss barrier. .

Soundproofing insulation

As a noise reduction solution, Foamox spray foam helps prevent leakage areas as it seals tight even the most difficult areas that traditional noise reduction materials cannot seal effectively. Sprayed in liquid state, our spray foam insulation rapidly expands to fill and seal spaces between rafters and frames to ensure against draughts, internal moisture and of course, noise.

Noise reduction

Noise reduction insulation can be very difficult to seal in any structure but our products have a proven noise reduction for structures where they are applied. As sound can freely flow through the foam, it is then restricted in its flow and muffled as it tries to go through the spray foam insulation. Technical data is also available to show the results of our sound proofing insulation and its impact of noise reduction.

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