Spray Foam Insulation

Spray foam insulation is a polyurethane system produced through the mixing of 2 components to produce a polyurethane spray foam. It is an excellent way of saving energy in the home and in industrial buildings. Spray foam insulation is easy to apply to difficult areas of a structure, internally and externally.

For a complete reaction of spray foam insulation, it takes only a few seconds, so it can be applied to nearly any surface. The spray foam mix is done using suitable equipment by professional insulation installers and applied using a spray foam gun.

Two main types of spray foam insulation

1 - Open-Cell foam
Open-Cell foam is breathable as they allow a gradual air flow which are mainly used in home insulation.

2 - Closed-Cell foam
Closed-Cell foam is NOT breathable mainly used in commercial insulation and heavy industry.

Popular insulation....

Polyurethane spray foam insulation has widely become the insulation of choice among most builders and insulation installers who require a superior ventilation system and heat recovery systems that will have a long term savings on energy bills, air tightness and healthy insulation.

It does not degenerate and there are many environmental advantages of spray foam insulation that make spray foam the best choice for insulation over traditional insulation systems

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