What is Foamox™?

Spray foam (Spray Polyurethane Foam) or SPF is a mixture of two compounds (Resin & Isocyanate) That When mixed under temperature and pressure creates a plastic. A blowing agent then creates bubbles in the mixture and the foam expands to 30 to 150 times its original volume. Depending on its cell structure either we consider it an open cell or closed cell foam.

Foamox systems

Foamox systems are installed on:

  • Commercial Building
  • Industrial Facilities
  • Agricultural Projects
  • Residential Buildings

The Foamox product line holds a full-line of credentials that include UL, FM, ICC, EnergyStar, Miami Dade and many others.

Insulation experts

Our team of experts is available to attend pre-design meetings, write special product specifications, conduct roof inspections and can recommend an approved Foamox applicator for your next project.

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