Reduce air leakage

Air leakage is a common problem that results in higher heating and cooling costs for some property owners. Foamox spray foam insulation application helps prevent air leakage, as the solution expands up to 100 times its volume to fill cracks and holes that otherwise would contribute to this issue.

Selecting the correct type of insulation for improving air tightness within a structure is an important decision as some insulation methods are more effective than others.

Suitable for a verity of reasons

The Air Tightness Spray Insulation from Foamox are most suitable for a verity of reasons. Unlike most other forms of insulation, Foamox Spray Foam Insulation guarantees an air tight seal in its results.

Sprayed on any surface...

Sprayed on any surface, our spray foam insulation expands rapidly from its liquid state and perfectly sals and gap or crevice ensuring the perfect air tight, heat loss barrier and providing a neat finish.

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