Long Term Home Insulation Solution

For a effective long term home insulation solution use Foamox Insulation. Our Insulation is a long lasting thermo set plastic foam that is by its nature inert.

Foamox insulation will not support mould growth foe it's lifetime and is not a food source for pests or insects. Foamox Insulation is custom applied into place disallowing it to sag or settle over time like conventional insulation.

Lifetime insulation soultion

Foamox Insulation limits moist air from passing between wall, floor, and ceiling spaces reducing the opportunity for structural degradation over time or other building components.

Healthy, comfortable and energy efficient environment

Foamox Insulation will provide a healthy, comfortable, and energy efficient environment for the life of the structure, not just when it is first installed. Foamox Insulation offers a limited lifetime warranty in support of these claims.

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