Become a spray foam insulation installer

The demand for Foamox spray foam insulation systems is getting increasingly high. Now the cost of energy is increasing and green building initiatives develop, spray foam insulation will continue to capture market share in the insulation industry.

New business owners enjoy:

  • Immediate financial rewards
  • Explosive growth potential
  • Excellent sales margins
  • Marketing and sales support
  • Unlimited technical assistance

Turn-Key Operation on Wheels

Apart from the type, size, or configuration, most standard spray rigs hold the basic equipment required for spray applications, including material drums, material transfer pumps, proportioning units, generators, hoses, a work bench, a toolbox, and basic safety equipment.

Custom build spray foam rigs

Foamox engineers custom build rigs to maximize production and comply with load capacity/weight restrictions to meet road safety requirements. A Foamox rig is a turn-key operation on wheels.

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