Why use Foamox?

Foamox is the leading global distributor of polyurethane sprayed foam and coatings for various uses as dry heat and sound insulation in buildings, as well as many other applications.

Insulation Technical Support & Training

Foamox also provides information and technical support, training, and service for necessary equipment for application of spray foam and coating. All products are developed with regard to environmental friendliness. They are tested and meet all criteria necessary for use within the EU. Over 30 + years of experience in the insulation market has proven that even the most demanding clients will be satisfied with this top-quality insulation available at a bargain price.

What we do...

Here at Foamox we:

  • Partner in the Provision of technical Necessary equipment for application of insulation technology.
  • We provide Training and Service Associated with spray foam insulation and roofing technology.
  • Offer Highest quality complete system of spray foam insulation and coating.
  • Our spray foam and coating systems Provide Energy saving solutions.
  • We save our client's money and help our business partners prosper.


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